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aBSI calculates the Bone Scan Index (BSI) from selected hotspots

For investigational use only (USA).

aBSI is a web based service,

aBSI is provided as a web application intended to be used by trained healthcare professionals and researchers for acceptance, transfer, storage, image display, manipulation, quantification and reporting of digital medical images. The system is intended to be used with images acquired using nuclear imaging (NM)

Based on our Artificial Neural Network (ANN), the product provides you with a feature which automatically pre-selects and quantifies the hotspots, calculates and presents the Bone Scan Index value (BSI).

BSI is a measure reflecting the tumor burden in bone as a percentage of the total skeletal mass calculated from bone scintigraphy.


What can aBSI do for you?

Display of Images

Includes our unique standardization and normalization of whole body bone scans. Average count levels of the normal skeleton are calculated so the skeleton is always displayed with the same grey scale level, i.e. the images are not scaled to the maximum pixel value, which usually represents the bladder.

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Pre-selection of hotspots

EXINI BSI pre-select hotspots using a complex mathematical method, instead of a simple threshold method.

This pre-selection of hotspots is based on artificial neural networks that have been trained using a large database of bone scans interpreted by top experts in the field.

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Bone Scan Index / quantification

The Quantification Module includes calculation of the Bone Scan Index (BSI) Automatically calculates the BSI values, a measure that reflects the extent of skeletal involvement by tumor in whole body bone scans.

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BSI Report

The BSI Report will by default include the bone scans of the latest study together with patient information, any written comments and information about the reporter. A list of BSI values for up to 8 studies is also included.

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Bone Scan Index

Quantification of bone scan
in advanced prostate cancer

As an imaging biomarker, Bone Scan Index (BSI), can support physicians in following development in patients with advanced prostate cancer and bone metastases. For this patient group, the BSI can add value to Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Until the EXINI product was launched, there was no automated process providing accurate BSI calculations. Thanks to EXINI, Automated BSI is developing into a widespread tool for nuclear medicine physicians, urologists and oncologists.

BSI assessment can also play an important role in clinical trials of new drugs aimed at this patient group.

With the help of Automated BSI product, BSI can be brought into daily clinical work where it will assist physicians in their effort to efficiently treat prostate cancer.

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Advanced algorithms and…

The EXINI products are based on four cornerstones: expert knowledge of nuclear medicine, image processing, artificial neural networks, and large image databases. Find out more about our technology.