Display of Images

Includes our unique standardization and normalization of whole body bone scans.
Average count levels of the normal skeleton are calculated so the skeleton is always displayed with the same grey scale level, i.e. the images are not scaled to the maximum pixel value, which usually represents the bladder.

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Classification of hotspots

EXINI boneBSI presents potential metastases detected using a complex mathematical method, instead of a simple threshold method.

This classification of hotspots is based on artificial neural networks that have been trained using a large database of bone scans interpreted by top experts in the field. Artificial neural networks classify hotspots as either high or low probability of metastasis.

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Bone Scan Index / quantification

The Quantification Module includes calculation of the Bone Scan Index (BSI) and the number of metastases.

Automatically calculates the BSI values, an imaging biomarker that reflects the extent of skeletal involvement by tumor in whole body bone scans.

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Summary page

The summary page presents a complete report, based on the classification of hotpots and the quantification of BSI. The summary page can easily be exported to an information system or PDF file with text and images by the physician.

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