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On the Horizon 

We are constantly developing new and innovative algorithms and user experiences to empower doctors and patients. Together, Progenics and EXINI are reimagining the combination of diagnostics, treatments and information systems in cancer care to support the patient from referral to disease management and remission.


PSMA-AI is the first software in development by EXINI tailored to Progenics’ imaging agent pipeline – 1404 and DCFPyL. The imaging agents attach to a protein called Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) which is overexpressed on the surface of prostate cancer cells. The agents are labeled with a radioactive molecule detectable by nuclear medicine cameras and used in conjunction with co-registered anatomical images to provide anatomical context to the functional images. 

Central to PSMA-AI is the automatic and quantitative computation of assessments used to detect, localize, quantify and stage both localized and advanced prostate cancer lesions. The technology is based on deep learning and convolutional neural networks that determine a detailed anatomical context from the anatomical images. This information is combined with information from the corresponding PSMA-targeted functional image to assess cancer prevalence and growth. The performance of assessments in hybrid images on patients with prostate cancer by human experts have been statistically validated to improve when provided with the additional information retrieved with PSMA-AI1.

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