Clinical Data Management

EXINI CURE8 is a trustworthy clinical data management system that can support your research and clinical trials. We offer a secure and reliable imaging data management system that is customizable and extendable. 

We collaborate with groups, consortiums and CRO´s across different clinical trials.

Foundations of CURE8

  • Users work in teams
    Data is private to a team
  • Work & data is divided into projects
    Each project specifies what data to collect
  • Albums work just like photo albums, they form named and versioned subsets of data
    Can collect data across projects, Can be shared with other teams
  • Workflows specify stages that data can belong to and move between

Use Cases

  • Data transfer in clinical trials
    (Sites sign up and send data simply, quickly and securely to a CRO)
  • Data collection and sharing in research projects
  • Data collection, curation and access in AI development projects
  • A technology backend for AI applications

Full Python SDK

  • For speeding up repetitive tasks
  • For version controlled and repeatable operations
  • Used extensively by EXINI in research and clinical trials

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