PYLARIFY AI™ (aPROMISE) is the only deep learning enabled FDA-cleared medical device software to offer standardized PSMA PET reporting on PSMA PET/CT images, including those achieved using PYLARIFY® (piflufolastat F18) PET/CT.1 Standardized PSMA PET reporting provides consistent and precise disease burden quantification in support of patient management and tracking over time. 2,3,4

“With the increased availability of PSMA scanning for disease monitoring, the recognition and demand for better standardization and quantitative reports for PSMA PET has significantly heightened,” said Etienne Montagut, Chief Business Officer, Lantheus. “We are thrilled to have Dr. Duriseti present the latest development for our PSMA AI platform, which allows consistent and accurate reporting of change in disease burden in total body PSMA PET/CT. By harnessing our deep learning algorithm and extensive PSMA datasets, we are committed to sustaining our efforts to improve guidance for prostate cancer patient diagnosis and treatment.”

Top Rated Oral Presentation details are as follows:
Date & Time: Sunday, September 10, 2023, 8:00 am – 9:30 am CET
Session Number: 206
Session Title: Clinical Oncology Track – TROP Session: Prostate Cancer Staging
Title: Updated Automated PROMISE assessment: Treatment response evaluation approach on metastatic prostate cancer patients based on PSMA PET/CT
Presenter: Sai Duriseti, Assistant Professor, University of California, Department of Radiation Oncology, Los Angeles, USA.
Poster Number: OP-041

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